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Al Zain Trading LLC is registered as a limited liability company. Previously, we had been trading as an Establishment since 1984. We are one of Dubai’s leading suppliers of products and services to the construction and associated infrastructure segments of the Dubai market. Our main activities include Supply of Road Safety Equipments, Fire safety equipments, Medical Equipments, First Aid Boxes and Supply of specialized Pharmaceutical Products. All our products are offered with additional benefits that include comprehensive warranty, after sales services with Manufacturer support and professional support from our Principal team that is comprised of highly skilled experienced technicians. We believe in prompt customer service and timely delivery of high quality products.

Al Zain General Trading Co is a global player. With the support of Manufacturers having state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and systems coupled with appropriate human capital and credentials, Al Zain General Trading has frequently received accolades from its patrons in recognition for delivering high quality standards and for its customer-centric approach.

With increasing traffic volumes on our roads, improving and maintaining driver safety, in all scenarios, is a critical concern.

The worst case scenario is night time driving in adverse weather conditions. In this instance, the use of raised profile reflective roadstuds provides crucial driver guidance when other such markings are obliterated.  

Since it was first used in 1935, the reflective roadstud has been at the forefront of raising safety standards, with over 1 million units installed throughout the UAE and a growing volume worldwide. Al Zain General Trading Company are distributors of roadstuds throughout the UAE and other GCC Countries.

Our combined expertise means we can offer valuable insight and understanding of compliance towards the associated legislation. With this knowledge we can ensure you select the right choice of roadstud for your contract, ensuring our products match your needs and budget. 

Drone Detection Technology:We understand that there is a wide range of property types and individuals that will be utilizing the Drone Detector. With that in mind, we  are working with world leading companies who have developed the hardware and software to be extremely user friendly. After the initial installation, which is done by our team of professionals, users have access to our support personnel who will walk you through all the options and be proactive in offering the best uses and solutions for each unique user. Thus, you are alerted to threats based on your personal preferences. If the solution detects a drone or a drone pilot in your vicinity, you will be able to receive a text or voice notification on your preferred device. Drone Detector is there to ensure that you will know when you are the victim of a drone invasion.

As a natural extension to our safety products line, we made a small beginning trading in Fire Safety Products in 2013. We work with contracting companies and companies specialized in providing Fire Safety solutions to cater to their requirements for Fire Safety Products. By leveraging our strong relationships with manufacturers/distributors and our logistical capabilities, we are able to deliver the required products on-site to our clients ‘just in time’ thereby enabling our clients to reduce inventory costs. The products we supply include Fire & Gas detection products, Sprinkler systems, Fire Hose Reels, Emergency Exit lights, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Water Pump sets

Take a moment to browse through the website to view our full range of products and services. We hope the information will be useful in helping you make the right choices. However, if you need some help or have any questions about any aspect of products, please do not hesitate to contact.